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Obvious and Not-so-Obvious Family Travel Tips

Increasingly we have clients who are well-travelled, including those accustomed to travelling first class only and those who have back-packed around the world in a state of carefree abandonment.

Suddenly the matched luggage, the briefcase and/or the backpack has been replaced by a stroller, a baby-sling, a car seat, a folding playpen, a diaper bag and other such paraphernalia that comes with kids attached. In some instances the carefree abandonment has been replaced by paranoia.

"How can we possibly travel with kids?"

We are here to assure you, that by making very minor adjustments to your usual mode of holiday travel, you can have the time of your life travelling with your kids. You can still go to first class resorts and hotels and, even without adding muscle mass, you can continue to back-pack, and take the kids.

Family travel planning is our primary business. We continuously encounter situations so obvious that they are often overlooked by the most seasoned travellers. We are including these general points for you to pay attention to when planning a family holiday. Give them a quick run through "just in case."  For your more specific needs please contact us directly. We do our very best to accommodate most requests and expectations. You will be happy with our service.


Here are some of the topics that we cover:

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